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Initial Session:  $285.00 for 50-Minute Session

Therapy Session:  $265.00  for 50-Minute Session

Therapy Session:  $155.00 for 25-Minute Session

Therapy Session:  $115.00 for 10/15-Minute Session

Appointment Cancellation Guideline*

Established patient cancellation of an appointment must be made by the patient at least 24 hours before the appointment. If you must cancel an appointment in less than 24 hours, we will make every attempt to fill the time slot. However, if this is not possible, you will be billed for the appointment. Cancellations of Monday appointments should be made by no later than 3 p.m. on the Friday preceding the Monday appointment. Please do not make after hour cancellations through the answering service. Messages should be left on the office voicemail by calling (770) 998-1516. The time and date of the message is automatically recorded.

******IMPORTANT******* to avoid communication errors, all cancellations must be done through the front office ONLY. A discussion of cancellations with Dr. Havens does not constitute an official cancellation.


Reminder Calls & Texts

Although we make every attempt to remind you of your appointment, it is the sole responsibility of the patient to know when their appointments have been scheduled.  Lack of reminders does not relieve the patient of the responsibility of knowing the time and day of their appointment.  Appointments that are not canceled with a 24 hour notice will be billed unless the time can be filled.

Medication Guidelines

It is the policy of Dr. Havens to see his patients at least every three months, but more frequent visits are often necessary. At the time of your appointment, you will be provided with a prescription to  meet your needs until your next scheduled medication appointment. For general questions, you may call our office at (770) 998-1516. If you need a prescription refill, you may leave a message on the prescription line.

Telephone Consultation

Diagnosis and treatment of psychiatric disorders by telephone is, by nature, sub-optimal and fraught with potential problems. We attempt to avoid this practice as much as possible. Please let the office staff help with screening calls. They will give Dr. Havens your messages and he will get back with you as quickly as he can. If you have an emergency, call the answering service at (770) 928-5018 and they will contact Dr. Havens  directly. Call backs by Dr. Havens are made at the end of the day, as time permits and urgency requires.


Confidentiality is essential in the practice of psychiatry and is more rigidly enforced than in any other area of medicine. For this reason, no information concerning you as our patient is released without your written consent.  However, criminal or civil litigations based on the claim of psychiatric difficulties do not always allow claims of confidentiality and the court may be able to subpoena the physician’s records.  All requests for information from our office must be made in writing and must be validated by you prior to release.

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